Such A Thing? Colorado Cannabis Road Accidents???

In a highly debated topic among many, the use of marijuana within society today must carefully be considered.

There are many instances where marijuana can be detrimental for society, but there are also others where it can be known as a useful.

Medical marijuana has no doubt, been used to help patients across the globe, and we should always be reminded of how important the industry is.

There are multiple areas of a patient’s lifestyle that can aid their recovery time, with the inclusion of cannabis oil.

On the Road Roadway accidents, from past data, have historically been focused on drug and accident use.

The common misconception is the overuse of drugs and alcohol that are leading factors for mix-ups on the roadways.

Let’s stop to think – drugs and alcohol.

They are often paired together, and quite frankly, should not be.

A recent study of Denver roadway accidents reveals that marijuana and drug use are actually one of the lowest causes of roadway accidents, from past data.

The study also examines the effects of alcohol, and other factors such as distracted and negligent driving, and showcases accident rates from these causes.

Where is the root?

From the study, we can see that reckless and negligent driving are among the leading causes of roadway disturbances.

Following closely behind, alcohol use is the second major cause of accidents, followed by careless and inattentive driving.

What can we gather from the study?

The results clearly outline that drug use is not the underlying cause of accidents.

Additionally, it should be clear that we need to focus on other issues at hand, like promoting informed decisions before individuals enter into a car after leaving a bar.

Designating drivers who do not consume alcohol while out, as well as taking advantage of services such as cab rides and Ubers should also become a priority.

Sure, drug use does cause a certain number of accidents, but there are clearly other, underlying major contributors to the numbers at hand.

As a society it’s important that we focus on those who engage with distractions while commuting.

Drivers who text and drive, interact with technology, and/or play music loudly are the common contributors to the issue at hand.

Texting and driving does more damage to roadways, like those in Denver, than the contributions of drug related factors alone.

Effects Cannabis oil is an excellent aid for those who are enduring harsh chemotherapy treatments.

Additionally, it has been known that cannabis can help reduce discomfort levels in cancer patients, and help to reduce or eliminate the spreading of disease.

Cannabis oil is a great alternative therapy that can be used for those suffering with a disease.

If you know a family member or friend enduring chemotherapy or a related disease, it’s important that we make ourselves available for their aid.

Assisting with transportation to local facilities where they can receive treatment, as well as driving them home can help to reduce these types of accidents.

Plus, helping someone in need not only assists with their ability to tackle obstacles ahead, but it also helps keep our roads safer and makes you feel better about yourself!

Let me know what you think.


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