The Most Successful Forms of Digital Marketing

The digital space offers new and exciting opportunities for advertisers and marketers looking to expose their brand or website to a wider audience. Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of approaches to marketing that go far beyond simply attaching a digital image to a web page as they once did.

There are now a litany of new technologies that have changed the nature of marketing and advertising, allowing it to become more focused and personalized than ever before. With the ability to target the advertising of specific products and services to specific groups and individuals, marketers have gained a greater ability than ever before to influence the desires and opinions of the public.

Viral CampaignA viral marketing campaign is a marketing campaign that is not quite as obvious as saying ‘visit our site and buy our products’. For example, a cryptic message, video or website is often used which sometimes contains deeply hidden clues regarding the true nature of the site. Other versions of viral marketing websites use a countdown to a specific time and date upon which the site changes to reflect the announcement.

Viral marketing is particularly successful because, as the name suggests, the nature of the campaigns encourages their spread, exposing more and more people to them and generating a significant amount of free buzz. Being able to attract significant attention for a relatively small investment makes viral marketing campaigns ideal for those who are on a marketing budget and looking to maximize returns. Viral advertising campaigns tend to be very cheap to produce initially when compared to the other available forms, but the tricky part is in having the campaign ‘infect’, as it were.

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to following a series of best practice policies, which make it much easier for search engine crawlers to identify and catalogue a website’s pages. This, in turn, is beneficial to the website as it will receive a higher ranking from the search engine and be considered a more legitimate and reliable source. There are now a number of companies, such as Snap Agency, who can bring websites up to the appropriate standards to make them SEO compliant.

However, SEO requires much more than just optimizing a website.  Those who choose to go down this route of marketing will need to perform off page advertising as well.  Unless you have the time to build links, you will be better off hiring a company.

Pay Per Click AdvertisingPay Per Click (PPC) advertising, sometimes known as Cost Per Click advertising (CPC), is one of the oldest forms of online digital marketing, and is a system whereby an advertiser pays a website owner for every click their advert receives. PPC advertising is still used, but has fallen out of favor as microtargeted marketing which avoids ‘wasted’ clicks, has become more prominent.

Digital marketing is a crucial part of any business, whether they operate primarily online or offline, and for individuals marketing their skills as self employed an online presence is the quickest and easiest way to drum up potential business and new clients. In order to ensure the maximum return on your marketing investment, it is crucial to understand the different forms of digital marketing and why they are successful.

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