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All you need to know about the must have Forex product!

Would you like to sit back and let a program do all of your work for you? Are you fed up of stressing over your foreign exchange trade? Even if you’re a total newbie with Forex, Trend Profiteer can help you!

What is Forex Trading?

Forex is short for foreign exchange. Forex trading is where all currencies around the world “go” when you buy something from a country with a different currency to you. Forex probably isn’t something a lot of us think about. In our mind if we go abroad, we go and get our money exchanged to the right currency and then we go on our way.

The foreign exchange rate is the largest liquid financial market in the world, and is what controls the rates of how currency is exchanged. Without this, we wouldn’t be able to order that luxury wine from France to the UK, or order something anywhere that isn’t using the same currency as you do. Forex traders all over the world exchange trillions of dollars every day; hence why it’s the largest liquid financial market out there. Nothing can top that.

What is Trend Profiteer?

Designed by Michael Nurok, Trend Profiteer has been made to make your Forex business as easy as possible. Michael Nurok is well known in the Forex business, because of his extensive history as a foreign exchange trader. He has created many systems that allow Forex traders to reap in the benefits, at low risk. He created his net worth with no special financial training, and started his business at his first ever flat, and he makes it very clear in his bio that he didn’t just land a well paid job because his “Dad got him the job”.

He has made (and it’s proven) $1.24 million dollars and that number is still rising. All from using techniques to make the best out of the Forex market.

Those tricks and tips are incorporated into the program; hence why he is so confident that it works so well.

The program claims to do all of the work for you, well almost all of the work. The system scans all of the current markets and brings you back suggestions on your buying and selling. It even has the ability to send you an alert on your phone, great for if you’re trying to manage your business on the go!

You are also able to change the settings of the system to what you need it for, so that you don’t constantly need to be watching over the program, meaning you can sit back and watch your profits rise! Don’t get me wrong though, Michael Nurok does explain that the combination of an automated program and human supervision are the best way to make your money. No machine or program is ever 100% foolproof, so if you really want to see your numbers rise, it’s best to keep an eye on it as much as possible.

The program also predicts how the forex will change, going through the patterns in the past and using them to let you in early on the game and make your profits. This is great because you will never miss out on a chance to make money. If the program is always running it will pick up on these amazing opportunities and alert you of them.

Michael Nurok also claims that you don’t need to be some sort of brainbox to make money in the forex market. He states that some 6, 7 and even 8 figure earners within the trade will happily admit that they aren’t “academically smart”.

That is why this program appeals to all. You potentially could start earning a 6+ figure income from the comfort of your own home. If you have the tools and techniques (or in this case Trend Profiteer), then there is nothing stopping you from doing that.

If you’ve found the tool to making money, why share it?

Simple, more money. Nurok knows how to make the money within forex, and by selling his proven technique he can make even more money.

He does however, often only create a limited amount of each program he designs, meaning they fly off the shelves and only having a limited amount means the “secret” isn’t out there for the whole world to see. Only the people willing to spend that kind of cash in the first place.

That is one disadvantage of the program, for those of you that aren’t able to buy the software, it’s pretty much unavailable to you. Of course, if you can find the money then that’s great but I’m betting there’s a hefty majority that won’t be able to.

Although, Nurok knows this and explains on his site that if you can work out how to trade a small amount of money, you can move in with the big cash and start seeing your numbers multiply. This brings the program back into favor because no, you may not have the money to buy it straight out but if you’re able to borrow it or even save for a few months then the program will pay for itself tenfold.


Personally, I think it seems like a great program in theory, but as I said earlier nothing is ever foolproof. Surely it can’t be that simple for someone that has no idea about how to trade in the forex to just install this software and see the bank figure grow?

He does have proof on his website and I’m not saying that the program wouldn’t work. I just find it quite hard to believe that anyone could do it if they had the program.

Over all though, I am impressed that someone could even come up with a program that claims to do what it does. To have that kind of knowledge and to want to share it with people too, makes Nurok a good business man. I do think the program is a good idea but the price side of it makes me think that the majority will be put off by that initial cost.

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