Go Green by Growing Your Green: Create a Sustainable Cannabis Garden

It’s officially spring, and now is the perfect time of year to enjoy the great outdoors.
Welcome the arrival of lovely weather while you celebrate Earth Day tomorrow on May 22 by taking cannabis cultivation into your own hands. Give back to Mother Nature by practicing your attention and technique to growing sustainable cannabis at home—not everyone needs to be a professional cultivator in order to grow a cannabis plant.
As cannabis cultivation is not legal everywhere, be sure to know your local and state laws about outdoor cultivation before planting your first seed. For those who can legally grow cannabis at home, you should at least know a few tips and tricks to make your garden both energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Test out your green thumb with some of the methods we found in perfecting the art of growing cannabis sustainably.
Soil and Nutrients
For a strong and healthy start, the soil you use for your garden should be abundant in nutrients. Creating your own compost is a great option for a solid foundation. Use your leftover fruit and vegetable scraps to not only reduce waste, but also to save money on buying premade compost from the store. Combine any produce scraps and yard waste to create energy-efficient and cost-effective compost. Also, consider feeding your cannabis plants with an organic fertilizer for extra nutrients. It will improve the quality of your plant without potentially harming your soil. Not to mention, some chemical fertilizers are often made with nonrenewable ingredients such as fossil fuels.
Water Makes the World Go Round
Water of course is essential, but it can also be an expensive resource that is often wasted. Rather than running up your water bill to keep your plants growing tall, collect rainwater that would otherwise wash away into the gutter.
It’s Electric
While indoor cultivation has become a popular method when it comes to growing cannabis, there are ways to make your indoor grow even more energy-effective by utilizing solar energy or energy efficient lights. If you want to ditch the lights for pure, golden sunshine instead, then growing your cannabis outdoors is a great option.
Protect Your Plants
The cannabis industry has been nuzzling about pesticide issues recently. While pesticides are necessary to keep plants safe for consumption, avoid the harmful ones at all costs. Instead, find an eco-friendly pesticide to take care of the pesky insects who threaten to damage your plants. There are some natural approaches to pesticides as well, such as garlic spray, which has been noted to repel pests and is biodegradable. You can also grab a bird feeder while you’re there to hire your own watch service. Birds who feed on insects will take care of any possible issues with critters munching on your flowers.
Nothing is better for your plants than letting nature do its thing. Keep your methods sweet and simple to guarantee a healthy cannabis harvest, and you will help out the Earth in the process.

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