Be Your Own Best Advertising

Success in network marketing is really quite a bit easier than many would like you to believe. Make no mistake: There is real work involved. It is called NETWORK marketing, after all. But I see a lot of people making things way more complicated than they should be.

We can all learn more skills. Introduction skills, presentation skills, inviting skills, advertising, etc… but one of the key factors I see a lot of people missing is how important it is to be your own best advertising.

How do you become your own best advertising for your network marketing business?

Remember: Network marketing is really a referral business. People like to get referrals or advice from folks they trust. What do people trust? Results they can see. For example, let’s look outside of the network marketing arena. You’re having dinner with friends and your friend asks if you have seen the new movie everyone is talking about. You say, “No” and you ask them if they have seen it. They say “Yes” and this is where something interesting happens.

Based on your experience, opinion about, and relationship with that person, you are likely to make your decision about the movie based on what they say next. If you like them, share their tastes and interests in movies, you are going to let them shape your opinion about whether or not you will go see the movie. Their opinion may not be the “final answer” but it will influence your decision.

The same thing is true with restaurants, books, etc… You may post about a great experience you had at a local restaurant on your Facebook wall and a friend or two will usually chime in with something like, “I was thinking about trying that place. Was it good?” Or someone else may reply with “Oh, I love that place”.

Now, the big difference between these scenarios and network marketing is very simple:

When you do this in the world of network marketing
and you make the recommendation, you get paid when
someone purchases based on your referral.

And this is where I see a lot of folks mess up in their network marketing business. They are so focused on the “selling” side that they forget a very important principle: People Are Watching You!

When your own experience is strong and visible, it is much easier to get potential customers and distributors to listen to you. If you joined any company solely because of the money potential and you aren’t actually using your own products or services, you are doing yourself and your potential referrals a huge disservice.

This is why stories become so important in our industry. It’s one thing to be able to tell someone what a product or service can do for them. It’s a completely different matter to be able to show someone what your product or service is doing for you.

Let’s look at some of the obvious examples:

I own an email marketing company ( I USE the service to build and manage my own lists so when I train, I train from my experiences. When someone asks me about how it works, I can share my own real experiences with them and encourage them to give it a try in their own business. Since I have results, it just makes sense that they will give my service a try to see if they can get the same results in their business.

I own this web site ( that provides online advertising to network marketers and affiliate marketers around the world. Like I train our members, I run ads in my account and I promote my capture pages. I generate new leads every single week. So, when someone asks me about how it works, I can share my experiences with them and encourage them to give it a try in their own business.

If you offer a weight loss product, it just makes sense to be using your product and sharing your results with the people you know, right?

Think about the biggest benefit your product or service offers. Make a point of personally demonstrating that benefit if your own experience and SHARE that experience with others. You will become your own best advertising, building credibility, and becoming a trusted credible resource for people to look to.

If you are just starting out, you should be able to share the story of your own sponsor or upline. For example,  when you are just getting started, it should be very easy to tell your prospects, “I’m just getting started in this but one of the reasons I am so excited is that my business partner has experienced incredible results with this product and I wanted to share them with you.”. As you grow and build your own story, you will become the success story your referrals are talking about to their prospects.

Whatever company you have chosen as your vehicle for success in network marketing, make sure you are your own best advertising. When folks see your results, they are much more likely to want to know more and to listen to you when you are talking to them.

Results talk way louder than anything else. Get the results. Share the results. Grow your business!


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